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Tales From the Hood
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Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
6:57 pm
Teh 35
I got old today.

Sunday, October 26th, 2008
2:12 pm
I need your help
We like to give to charities and this year, I'd like to invite you to give to a charity that we have found to be most deserving.

This is my "Thanks For Giving" annual charity drive.

The organization that I am asking you to give to is Pet Savers of Shreveport. Pet Savers of Shreveport is the only no kill cat and dog shelter in our area. Pet Savers works on a shoe string budget and desperately needs additional funding.

I have had the pleasure of working with this shelter earlier this year when I rescued two abandoned puppies that I found at the oil plant where I work. Even though the shelter was full beyond capacity, Linda agreed to accept the puppies. Instead, I chose to try to get the puppies adopted on my own to avoid placing more stress on the shelter. Linda wanted to work with us and had us come to her home where she gave the puppies their starter shots to help increase their adoptability. Like the shelter, I found her home to be clean and full of animals.

You might be asking yourself why you'd send money to an animal shelter that is far away from your home and I understand that. The reason that you should is because this shelter exists in an area where there is a very limited concern for the welfare of animals and these people are trying, despite the odds, to provide a clean and no kill sanctuary for unwanted animals.

The cat room at this shelter is completely full... I would say that there is about 40 cats in the cat area. The cats are not in cages, they are free roaming and if you spent 30 seconds in those rooms you would feel so much love that it would crush your heart. The dog shelter is even more tight, every single kennel is full and there's a large pen out back for dogs who have been at the shelter for years - it's likely that those dogs will spend their entire lives at this shelter. More dogs and cats enter than leave. People toss dogs and cats over the fence on a regular basis. The mostly volunteer staff work their asses off to keep the place clean and help find these animals homes. The shelter has land but needs funds to build new spaces for animals to live.

I'm asking you, if you have the financial resources to do so, to send a donation to this group. I will provide the site link at the end of this post. If you can, please donate on-line. If you cannot donate through the site, I can accept your donation via check or concealed cash and I will donate anonymously on your behalf. You can get my mailing address by sending me a private message.

The link to the shelter: http://petsaversshreveport.org/index.shtml

Please help.
Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
6:30 pm
My Weight Loss Journal
I'm only barely ashamed to admit it but before I left Florida I got up to 170lbs. Granted, I'm 5'9" so it's not horrible but it's flabby and unsightly to me. After I got settled in up here, I decided to do something about it.

First, I changed my diet. I started eating only home cooked meals made from fresh, healthy ingredients. That wasn't a tough change as I like to cook and like eat my own cooking. Eating good food made my desire to eat go down as my body was happy with what it was getting.

After I got used to the food change, I kicked the beer and soda out of my life. Beer and soda simply contain too many calories and they aren't worth it at all. I started drinking at least 128 fl oz of water per day. That was a big change, at first I thought that my weight was going down just from the frequent trips that I was making to the potty. There was a breaking point though, after about 2 weeks I started making only normal amounts of trips to the bathroom.

After I got comfy with drinking enough water to put out a decent fire, I started working out. My first week of working out was just getting into the habit, figuring out how to work out and discovering how out of shape I was. I discovered that while walking around the neighborhood sounds fun it isn't - it was boring and it sucked for me. Using an exercise bike is more my speed. Unfortunately, I was too out of shape to use it for long periods. What I ended up doing was using my bike as long as possible then doing something else like crunches, stretching or using hand weights then back on the bike - wash, rinse, repeat for 30 minutes.

My second and third week of working out started yielding results; I started dropping pounds and my shape started changing. I continued my routine of using the bike to get my heart rate up and then doing something else and jumping back on the bike. I could stay on the bike longer and had a better idea of what to do when I got off.

At the end of my third week, I bought an awesome weight bench off Craigslist for $100. I'm now using the weights, doing stretching and using hand weights while jumping on and off the bike. I like my routine... I have a short attention span and I get my strength training done with my heart rate nice and high so it really works for me.

I'm now in the process of improving the workouts that I do. For example, I want to get more out of my crunches so I've getting a stability ball.

I don't diet so much as I evaluate what I eat. I look at the labels before I buy and before I eat and ask myself if it's worth it (if it's worth it, I eat it). Sure, I have snacks... I eat snacks that are better for me. Instead of having a 180 calorie snack cake I have a 80 calorie yogurt. Being aware of what I eat helps me to make better choices.

I feel great, I've lost 10 pounds, my shape is changing seemingly daily, I have tons of energy and I feel absolutely fantastic. Sorry this entry was so long, I will make future weight loss entries shorter as I will make reports more frequently.
Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
5:28 pm
We're engaged!

Ring spam coming soon.
Friday, August 15th, 2008
10:03 pm
Saturday, July 26th, 2008
1:23 pm
I make teh phunny!
Jester's new costume:

Sunday, October 21st, 2007
5:54 pm
More girl news
Now available on my Live Journal, Girl's Only Journal.

It's juicy scoop yo... Go get you some. You know you want it.

You gotta pee in the rest room with a symbol of a lady on in to get in but hopefully, you will find dodging pee on the seat worth it to become a member of this brutally honest journal of a single lady's swim through the dating pool.

If you want it (and I know that you do) but you don't know where to find it, lemme know and I will give you the dirty details.
Thursday, August 9th, 2007
8:40 pm
This Bud's for YOU!
Actually, no... It's an Olde English and it's for me.

Relax - before you start to wonder about me quitting drinking, you should know that this is a Celebration Beer so it's not really a beer at all. It's more like Champagne at New Year's or that fattening icing on your birthday cake - not to be done everyday but for very special occasions.

Why am I celebrating? Because I just moved the last of Wesley's things out of the house. Now that the last of his action figures, MTG cards, and comic books are off-site - I am free of not only him but his possessions as well.

You people owe me a solid slap in the face... This beer tastes like shit, friends don't let friends drink this crap - the least that you could have done was have a Shitty Beer Intervention for me. I am very disappointed in all of you.

Current Mood: peaceful
Saturday, August 4th, 2007
9:13 pm
New Journal
I am opening up a new journal for discussion of more private matters as they arise. This journal will stay in service as is but the new journal is Girl's Only and Friend's Only, sorry guys.

Add me up bitches... bunsterific

Current Mood: bouncy
9:11 am
Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
9:13 pm
Gentlemen... BEHOLD!
A cowkiller!

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Thursday, July 26th, 2007
9:08 pm
Scoop O' Poop
Today, I witnessed what perhaps may be the strangest thing I will ever see someone do...

There is a guy that I work with, we'll call him "George"; George is 60 years old, a raging alcoholic, he's tall - can't weigh more than 140lb and has a ZZ Top beard. Today, when George rolled in half-crocked at Noon, I noticed him standing alone on a hill out back. Before I could call to him to ask what he was doing, he did the most grotesque yet strangely interesting thing... With a dead cat in his hand, he wrapped up like an Olympic athlete and did a Dead Cat Discus Throw. The dead cat flew into the air about 15 meters and out about the same before falling to earth with a thud and a bounce among some weeds. George blew a kiss to the wind and headed back for the lab.

I was still standing by the door watching him with my mouth agape when he reached the lab. George mumbled something about throwing the "coffin" away before he spoke to me. Apparently, George's long time pet cat died of old age last night and George had no where to bury him so he brought him to work in a hefty bag. George explained that the soil around the lab was too hard to dig in due to the shell bed just under the surface so he had to just toss him. Just before he returned to work as if nothing had happened, an intense expression of pain washed over his face.

George loves cats very much, he's just a very practical man I guess.
Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
9:33 pm
Trimming down the list
Over the years, my Friend List has grown to the point where I cannot remember many of the names nor can I read the overwhelming amount of entries on my Friend's Page. I have removed a number of names from my Friend's List to make this journal more manageable.

No offense intended to those removed. If I have removed you and you would like to be re-added just let me know and *poof* you are back on the list again.
Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
5:53 pm
I am headed over to Orlando this weekend for a visit with Hollie and Rhonda (hopefully Lenore and Rob too). Anyone else up for some fun?

Hunker up!

I will most likely head over Friday evening. However, to beat rush hour, I have to leave about 7is or so.

Hollie, I remember how to get off the interstate and kinda where to turn... Can you send me directions again so I don't get lost as usual?
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
7:56 pm
Friday, April 13th, 2007
10:44 pm
Teddy Bear Shuffle
Before going to bed at night, Phaser moves his teddy bears from his day bed to his night bed.

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Friday, April 6th, 2007
8:34 pm
A letter from Phaser's former owners
Hello Barbara,

We were the previous owners of KB's Phaser and wanted to send a special "Thank You" for taking this sweet boy in your home. I was glad to hear he found a special place with you. Maryann sent us a picture of him with your email address. I keep a scrap book of all our adopted greyhounds and love to get updates on how they are doing in their retirement life. Any pictures are very much appreciated. I sit down now and then and just look through, it makes me smile to see them so happy and know they are ok. I keep a list of all their birthdays and try to send a "happy birthday" message to each one every year, so don't be surprised if you hear from me in March. (Phaser's birthday was March 1st). Just my way of letting them know I'll never forget them!

KB's Phaser was born and raised in Texas and we purchased him at auction in Abilene, Kansas. He raced at Derby Lane and was a good racer. His birthday is 3/1/04. His father was Oshkosh Slammer and mother Bd's Risingcloud. Slammer was a big "smiler". I'm not sure if Phaser smiles or not, but if he does he probably got it from his dad. Just thought I would give you a little info on where he was born, etc.

I'm sure Phaser will bring lots of happiness to your home. We also adopted one of our own and life would never be the same without him. They are all very special!

Thank you again for opening your heart to him. Your one lucky boy Phaser....enjoy your retirement!

Keep in touch.

Brought tears to my eyes.
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
11:15 pm
Smiling Nazi Dog
I was told that I should give Phaser a massage every night to gain trust and to get him used to me touching his body incase need should arise. Tonight, during his massage, he rolled over and gave me a full roach complete with Hilter Arm! After a moment of that, he shot me one of those creepy greyhound smiles (the smile really is super creepy the first time that you see it IRL). I feel so loved and trusted!
7:50 pm
Yo Barbie
What was Bumper's ear tattoo or racing name?

I recently found out that Phaser's dad has 4,949 offspring and his grandpa has 1,728... I wonder if they are related?

Phaser: http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1176335
Sunday, April 1st, 2007
8:53 pm
I just love him so much
Phaser is the best dog. He's perfect.
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